P’s and Q’s

featuring Neal O’Hara

Boom bada boom
go thump of the drums
and if you aint from the chi
then fuck where you’re from
this Da$Htone Bitch
reign and conquer
spittin the quickness of cat
through the jaws of a piranha
I got it
Hangin’ from my neck like a locket
If you had it like me
You would need bigger pockets
top it
ya couldn’t come near me
first you called us whack
and now you wanna hear me?
Stop it
I’m in the cockpit
No it’s not a plane it’s a rocket
You could say I’m insane
But my game astronautic
You ain’t even close
That’s why the same lame words in every verse that you wrote
And it’s only gettin’ worse
Them my words you can quote
It’s pathetic how you think you got some eccentric flow
And believe that only you and the dentist know
How ya mouth full of shit
No vegetables
I got a bullet made of rhymes
I could press in ya skull
And if you happen to survive
It’s set to explode
I ain’t a veteran but I’ma win
Rookie of the year
Things ain’t always how their looks appear

We came to bring the noise
this is the lady and these are the boys
and they love their toys
and we still gettin busy on the 1’s and the 2’s
That dirty Da$Htone on their p’s and their q’s

i got nitrogen
and Nasty narcotic chemicals
Spliced in my phlegm
I’m the vice in ya stem
I’m the meddle in ya pedal
I’m the bomb in ya bud
And I’ve settled with the rebels
For the cause
I’m its blood
I’m aligned with their forces
Undefined by your sources
And my rhymes are retarded
I could grind on a carpet
With the mind of an artist
And the spine of a tortoise
With the line you left behind
When you crossed it
And my flow is infected
Injected with hypodermic needles
Resurrected worms
Filled with the germs of every murdered peoples
Words of evil herds of beetles
Headed to get crucified
No the sequel know no feeble
Wasn’t cause of suicide
Do or die who could ride you could ride
You decide the fate of the state
Who’s to go is it you or I
Whose crews euthanized
But who lose snooze from the truth and can sleep with the lies

We came to bring the noise
this is the lady and these are the boys
and they love their toys
and we still gettin busy on the 1’s and the 2’s
That dirty Da$Htone on their p’s and their q’s

Neal go get em
monte go sick em
Mr. drummer man please kill ‘em with the rhythm
gotta run faster gotta work harder
gotta move forward
shit well i guess that i gotta do somethin or i’m endin up
another no name hip hop martyr
And that’s just how the story goes
bet that when i blow they stop callin me an oreo
but for now it’s back to the grind
got a brand new axe
with that brand new shine
and yea
i’ma get to choppin
bet your bottom dollar
hip hop needs me like malone needed stockton
I could be your safest stock option
Invest in the best
while the rest steady droppin
the fact is
Ya just can’t crack this madness
I fit it in lyrical bricks too hard for a mattress
I kill it and dig it a ditch under a forest of cactus
I implore that you practice
I’m bored with the average
The allure of the savage
Is simply too salacious
And I’m givin’ it away
As if my sickness is contagious
i flip through the pages of time
to find a line that could glide through your heart and unwind your spine

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