Let Freedom Be

featuring Chrissy Hartigan

Back to the basics
yea that’s Da$h on the track with the asics
seven days a week in the lab makin playlists
nah i mean really making playlists
A list music
for the viewers
who are stuck to the D’s
sorta like pamela andersens chest
I confess I’m a mess
but nevermind the stress
gettin zabrin on the bass we got the beat straight blessed
oh I’m so fist of fury
not fisticated
This is Bruce Lee kickin it n’ came to break shit
show me the vases
I rock for the people
and flow for the hip hop natives
I’m the ridin the rhythm and reppin it for the cause
i’m a young whipper snapper who known for spittin it from the jaw
i’ma hit this raw
and like i said before
Don’t bet that the tone aint beatin down the door

Let Live
Let Love
Let Freedom Be

Simply put
you can’t lace em up on a gimpy foot
no not my shoes you got an empty strut
I’m so fly I could pilot a plane with the engine cut
and I’m ascendin but
I aint dancin with the stars yet
Blu said we all below the heavens
I say heavens what you make it
never came from any face on an award yet
we all linin up anyway just to chase it
i guess we just evade elation
so quick to hit the zoom never realized how good it looked from far
how could this be par
when we long for today at the dawn of tomorr’
so i hung my worries with my hat
now when’s the last time that you think i wore that
Ha, I guess what i’m sayin is
skank it easy to the music that we layin bitch

Let Live
Let Love
Let Freedom Be

I am two stories higher than the rest of the room
competition gettin swept with an old wet broom
These tunes in ya set like the fumes of a jet
guaranteed to havin you headed for the moon
with a wiff
of da piff
that i’m blowin
you already knowin
that it’s potent
and the train wreck flow got ‘em straight locomotion
I’m Goku floatin
Super sayan samurai
catch me if ya can
right keep on hopin
Keep on jokin
but this is my religion
and I came to make a difference
I’ma keep on fightin
I’ma push til the end
with the strength of a titan
and the speed of the wind
and I dont mind
if it don’t make sense
I’ma shake this shit for it’s last red pence
all I wanna know is
who’s comin wit me
I’ll see you in history

Let Live
Let Love
Let Freedom Be

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